This manual and plans will provide you with a comprehensive set of instructions to complete your project and enjoy being productive with your Desktop CNC Machine. Whether you are building your Desktop CNC Machine from scratch we hope you find the process a creative and rewarding endeavor.


What is a CNC Machine ?
CNC stands for Computer Numeric Control and typically refers to a machine whose operation is controlled by a computer. The most common usage of CNC, and the one relevant to us, is the name given to devices that, under computer control are able to cut, etch, mill, engrave, build, turn and otherwise perform manufacturing operations on various materials. Typically, a CNC machine has the ability to move a cutting or 3D printing head in 2 to 6 axes, meaning that it can position that tool head at a precise point in or on the material to create the cut or operation desired at that point. By moving the head through multiple points, the cutting head can cut or sculpt the design represented by a data stream of positioning points being sent by the PC. By controlling a CNC machine through a PC it is possible for the user to design a product on-screen, convert it to CNC-readable code and then send that data to the CNC machine for it to produce a physical copy of the item designed. The purpose of the Desktop CNC Machine is to provide that powerful ability to go from concept design to physical product with an inexpensive, compact, adaptable desktop-size machine.

A Desktop CNC Machine is a “personal” version of a CNC machine. It is controlled by your desktop computer and is designed for the hobbyist or enthusiast to create objects within a relatively compact space and at modest expense. To that end, the Desktop CNC Machine is designed to provide a resolution of one thousandth of an inch (0.001”) per step in each axis, and was intended to be accessible and buildable by the average  with non-specialist domestic tools.



CNC router


Working Area Dimensions (metal base version)
Table Dimensions                         7 ¾” [197 mm] x 12” [305 mm]
Table Travel                                   9 ½” [241 mm]
Modifiable to max                        15” [381 mm]
Working Height Clearance          3” [76 mm]
Max Spindle Height                      5” [127 mm]
Y axis travel                                   6″ [152 mm]
Z axis travel                                   4″ [102 mm]


 for download comprehensive plan click link below:




This comprehensive plan includes:

– detailed plans of mechanical parts

CNC router 2   CNC router 5

CNC router 8


– complete plans of electronics parts:

CNC router 4   CNC router 6

CNC router 7


– four differently links to download 3D software ( windows and linux )

CNC soft 1   CNC soft 2





  for download comprehensive plan click link below:








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